With the increasing cost of household utilities, finding ways to reduce your energy consumption, and lessen the burden on your life from household bills is a great way to save money. Even in the darkest depths of winter, the tips you will find out in this article will enable you to be able to save money, without sacrificing your comfort at home.

No longer does the arrival of winter mean that you will have to face a significant increase in your household heating bills. By spotting and fixing things in advance, you could significantly reduce what you are paying out trying to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Door Threshold Adjustments

Can you see any daylight underneath your front or backdoor?

If the answer to this is yes, then you are losing air from the house. This is air that you are paying to heat, and it is escaping from your home. You are literally watching your money drift out from around the doors. If there is no contact with the threshold or partial contact with the threshold, then air is most definitely getting out.
There is an easy way that you can fix this yourself. The majority of thresholds will have a number of screws which, if you tighten then, by turning them counter-clockwise, you should able to raise the threshold, until such a point that you can no longer see any daylight. Be careful not to lift this up to high so that the opening and closing of the door is affected.

Electrical Boxes – Drafts

Another place in your home that is well-known to be drafty are the electric boxes in your exterior walls. This is mostly due to the fact that placing of the insulation is not fitted around them properly. The aim here is to prevent air from flowing through and around the box.
To prevent these drafts, you need to take off the cover plates and fill any gaps, regardless of size which surrounds those boxes using an acrylic latex caulk. If the gaps are particularly large, then it is advisable to use foam sealant. Before you put the cover plate back, carefully place a foam gasket over the switch or the outlet. These gaskets are very low-cost, on average, they cost around $1 per pack of two. A very small outlay, considering the return on investment you will get.

Thermostat Upgrade

If you haven’t already got a programmable thermostat, then you simply must get one. If you dial down the temperature by just 10 degrees, for around 8 hours per day, you can easily cut your heating bill by 15%.
This type of thermostat is now more affordable than ever before. As an alternative option, you might also want to consider upgrading to a smart model. These can push your savings on your heating and cooling bill to around 25%. With some models, there are also promotions, incentives and rebates available too. A smart thermostat can learn about your lifestyle, things such as when you are home, when you are out, it will adjust automatically to suit your individual movements and use this intelligence to save you money.

Ensure Your Registers Are Clear

If you are looking to reduce your heating costs, you need to make sure that there is adequate space, ensuring that your registers have a clear path to the room. This makes sure that you are not limiting the flow of the heat, and that your register is able to deliver an even level of heating throughout. Reduce heating costs by ensuring there are no obstructions, and that the air can circulate freely.

Weather Stripping Replacement

If you have torn or worn weather stripping around windows or doors, this is a prime culprit for letting in cold air, creating drafts and yes, you guessed it, being one of the most significant ways to waste energy, and have higher than necessary heating bills. Turning up the heating is an easy way to overcome the problems created by this. But, it is not effective, and most definitely not a long-term solution that can be sustained if you want to reduce your heating bill. By using caulk, and weather stripping around windows and doors, this can lead to a significant reduction in drafts around the home, requiring you to spend less money on the heating bills.

Did you know that certain types of weather stripping actually needs to be replaced every couple of years? It is relatively easy to do; it is simply a case of taking the old pieces off and tacking the new stuff into place. Another low cost, easy way to reduce your heating bills.

Hopefully, you can take a few of these and put them into practice straight away. There are a number of actions you can take immediately to reduce your heating bills without needing to pay out a lot of money upfront. Or, if you are thinking of the long-term, perhaps considering an upgrade to your system or thermostat could be more suited to your needs.