Duct Cleaning

Cool Air New Hampshire provides duct cleaning services for businesses throughout the region.
Duct Cleaning is often overlooked but it is a vital service that can bring a whole range of benefits to the working environment.

Maintaining your commercial duct correctly has many positive factors for your working environment. Above all else, having your duct maintained often forms part of your business insurance prerequisites meaning it is crucial to make sure this is carried out routinely inline with these guidelines

Having a well-maintained duct will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Decreases the Risk of Fire
  • Eradicates bad odours and bacteria
  • Improved Airflow
  • Ensure Compliance with Insurance Requirements

Cool Air New Hampshire offer a thoroughly unrivaled duct cleaning service with no stone left un-turned.
Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Regardless of whether you are a school, hotel, hospital, factory, office or other commercial premises: Duct-work, ventilation or duct cleaning are all considered to be essential services. Having clean and fresh air in any building is crucial for safety, comfort and productiveness. HVAC Duct-work systems must be kept clean at all times.

How Frequently Are Duct Cleaning Services Needed?

This is entirely dependent upon the usage, the quantity and types of food along with a number of other factors such as the possible effects on occupants of the building along with the weaknesses of the system.

Large amounts of fibrous particles, fumes, heat and oily deposits are left over from the cooking process. Ventilation is needed in the kitchen in order to remove these by-products safely, and discharge them to an external outlet using over-cooking appliances, extraction fans and canopy hoods. It is crucial that these are clean and maintained or there is a serious chance that they will become a fire hazard. Regular duct cleaning services are essential in order to make sure.

If your business would like a free, no obligation quote for a duct cleaning service then get in touch with our team today. We offer a hassle-free, no nonsense service that is unbeaten on quality and price.