Zone Control

Cool Air New Hampshire can help you to get a greater level of control of your home, office, or commercial premises. Cooling and heating systems are much more advanced than they were a decade ago and there are so many different heating and cooling systems available, all with varying levels of effectiveness.

Zone control will give you the ability to better control the heating and cooling across your premises. The team at Cool Air New Hampshire will allow you get the very best levels of comfort while optimizing your system to run as effectively and as efficiently as they can, saving you money in the process.

The Advantages Of Zone Control

If you are considering installing a zone control system in your home, then most likely you will be looking at this option because of the many benefits this will bring.

  • Live More Comfortably
    Too hot, too cold. Not hot at the right times and time wasted waiting for areas to be heated or cooled. Zone controls allow your family, staff, or your customers to live more comfortably.
  • Reduced Utility Bills
    Because you are only paying to heat or cool the areas you use, you will pay less in heating and cooling overall. After all, there is no point paying to run cooling or heating in unused areas of your property.
  • Granular Control Of Individual Temperatures In Different Spaces
    The preferred room temperature is a very personal thing, and often preferences tend to fluctuate from person to person. Someone always has to compromise when it comes to what temperature the heating or cooling gets set to. With zone control, you can set the temperature according to the space so that all needs can be catered to.

Is It Relatively Easy to Install Zone Control?

The installation of a new zone control system is a little complex. One of our technicians will evaluate and access the air ducts, installing dampers which are responsible for air flow control in each area or zone. It is these dampers which open and close, allowing more or less air into the room. Once installed, we will then need to wire in the dampers and connect them to the thermostats which will regulate and control them.

We deliver expert zone control systems throughout New Hampshire; please get in touch with us today to make an appointment, ask us a question about zone control or to have an initial consultation with a Cool Air Zone Control Technician.